About Bella

I once dated a guy in my early twenties who didn’t understand anything I tried to tell him. So I wrote said guy an email. Instead of acknowledging my emotions, he told me I had a hidden talent and was a fabulous writer…who would have known?

I started to write about dating, sex and life as a 20-something girl. The Bella Effect was created. Guys wanted to sleep with me in exchange for a review (unspoken but they always mentioned the blog)

Now a days I’m a 30-something woman talking about sex, men and hot topics. In addition I talk freely and honestly about everything from body image to feminist issues. Injecting humour where it works best.

I’m here to express, not to impress. My opinions and values are my own. You can stay here or leave.

You’ll find me writing with a glass of white wine, it’s how my juices flow.

I hope you enjoy being here with me. You can sign up to get my blogs to your inbox when I post fresh stuff. I think that’s a great idea so go and do it.

Here’s to living our most authentic, real and unhinged lives.

Bella x