*sigh* “I’m on a Diet” *sigh*

bella effect on a diet

Chocolate is the second deadliest form of temptation. (That gorgeous guy I have my eye on wins first place.) There is no denying how utterly amazing it makes you feel and it has the extraordinary power to make you feel the same happiness you experience after mind-blowing sex. Oh yes, the sexy seduction of chocolate. Unlucky for me I have to walk past it in the shops, staring out at me wishing me to pick it up, wrapped up in all its promises. It borderlines self-torture to a degree I guess but as I said, not for me…”I’m on a diet.” *She says wistfully*

Society has a lot to answer for in my eyes, all these wonderfully toned, beautiful women walking about with not an ounce of fat on their slender limbs, plastered over billboards and casually staring up at us out of a magazine with their D&G bikini looking ever so elegant with that drop-dead gorgeous hunk just looking into your eyes making you wish you were her. Think I got carried away there, but you get the point. We all know what we see in the media is not a real projection of how a woman should look (I tell myself this because it makes me feel better) but to a degree I think the message is more than subliminal. “Being thin looks good.” There is no escaping the constant reminder really is there.

Women are extremely self-critical. We seem to have this image in our head of what we aspire to look like and as long as we’re not reflecting that image back when we look in the mirror, we take action. The form of dieting tends to be the most popular. Exercise is for those who “Have time” or “Enjoy it” and although both are excellent excuses, they are in fact just complete and utter bollocks. “I’m just going to diet” – because it’s that easy right? Dieting is not easy, you are telling yourself to stop indulging in the delicacies you enjoy the most. If you look at dieting as a way of life and food choices, then it is not a diet at all. I know so many people who rush into these fad diets, have “days off” and in general make excuses to break the ritual and 6 months later they are in no way shape or form looking any better in themselves. Dieting is not an easy option especially with temptation drifting about in many different disguises.

Gentlemen, let me tell you a little secret. Not from me personally this time, but from the many ladies who have no one to blame for their weight increase – it’s all your fault. Why do you treat your lovely lady friends to all these exquisite dinners and beautiful wine nights? How very selfish of you, what a rubbish boyfriend you turned out to be. Before venturing into a relationship we were divinely thin and incredibly in shape, the best shape we have ever possibly been in. Since meeting our significant other all we do is eat, cut back on our social outings and complain we can’t fit in our sexy little LBD anymore. Tut tut this is terrible. The fact is we will never admit it’s just because we can’t be bothered and I hate to say it, we let ourselves go. Some more so than others but as a general rule this is the one to be highlighted.

So I started off on chocolate and have gone through the many disguises of the weight-gaining process, and how becoming content in a relationship holds fort for the way we choose to let ourselves go. Do I think there is an ideal way to look as a woman? No. I have friends of many different shapes and sizes and they are all extremely attractive in ways I could never compare too. I might go as far as saying I will never know what it’s like to have an amazing set of boobs, but I compensate by other features that my friends with amazing boobs may not possess.

So I may be on a diet, yes, but I am willing to hedge a bet it won’t last that long. A slight nudge in the ribs and that’s me convinced otherwise. Dinner out? Go on then. You win. Come on, I mean do you honestly know anyone who religiously sticks to a diet? Of course you don’t, we just enjoy the saying “I’m on a diet.” Wont you agree?


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