The ‘No Makeup Selfie’ Trend

The No Makeup Trend Since it’s been the talk of Social media for the past week or so I would like to bring up the subject of the “No makeup Selfies” and leave my opinion somewhere on the internet to make a point to the negative and pessimistic downers of this cause. (Strongly opinionated here dear readers.) I myself admittedly am against the classic “Selfie” trend. Mainly because I am fed up of seeing the face of the same girl on my news feed 50 times a day sporting a new lipstick and push-up bra each and every time. The shout out for approval and constant reassurance of being physically attractive is my main bug bear. I say that because you need to dig deeper than the comments of horny men and fake friends on Facebook telling you how sexual you look. Anyway, last week showed the start of all these made-up “Selfie” lovers uncovering and baring the blemishes, removing the mascara and standing up for a cause. A cause that will help save millions of lives. That’s the life of someone you love who may not be so lucky one day. Even you.

As a population of females subjected to airbrushing, ideals of perfection and competition against other women to be as beautiful as we can be, the “No makeup Selfie” has proved that if we raise awareness through a cause in which we all stand by, great things can happen. It also proves we aren’t all as shallow as so many of us judge each other to be. That girl you bitch about that wears too much makeup actually revealed her naked face for a greater cause and to prove she is supporting every other female and upping the confidence for the rest of us to take part. The more cosmetic free faces we see popping up the more we feel we won’t be judged because as they say, we are all in this together. £3,000,000 has been raised for the research into cancer so what can possibly be so bad about that?

The campaign is about exposing yourself and your vulnerability. Makeup for 90% of us is a confidence layer. Take that away and we shrink back into our shells drastically. Granted many photos are taken in flattering light, they are still bare faced and showing support to raise money for cancer charities. The added information of a ‘Text to’ number adds the importance of donating and not just taking pictures to raise awareness, but really be a part of that change. I have read countless articles about how it is pointless and what has not wearing make up got to do with anything. Retweets on Twitter for example. Taking part is a far better way because we recognise what that face represents. To me personally I would rather be inundated with naked selfies than a mountain of tweets asking what the hell no make up has to do with helping cure cancer. The power of social media. I would just like to add that anyone who spent the time to post about the pointlessness of the campaign needs to look in with a little more perspective. You see these faces and relate it to the cause. That’s powerful. A message shared by thousands who have never met grouping together to give other women the confidence to bare all and stand up for something much more important than that new Dior lipstick that cost more than your weeks wages.

When it came to doing my own I admit, yes I did angle the camera, yes I did feel sick because not even some of my closest friends have seen my freckles and non existent eyelashes. As my best friend wrote on her own donation being brave isn’t taking off your face, being brave is fighting cancer. She’s right. That stuff we paint our faces with has come off and I know for many that is not easy. Men especially don’t understand but it is so difficult to show who we really are when we try so hard everyday to cover that up and hope we look better than just who we are bare faced. We may angle the camera, we may not all stand in front of a window in natural light but we have all made the step to stand up, be our natural, beautiful selves and make a difference to the many sufferers of a heart breaking illness.

Whether or not you are for or against the ‘No makeup Selfie’ there is no denying the impact it has had for these cancer charities and to bring attention to the fact we are still looking for a cure. If you would rather post a picture of anything besides a selfie, or even just a statement to say you donated then that’s ok too. Just quit throwing your negative, discouraging and unhelpful opinions around to those who are just trying to make a difference. I appreciate we all have an opinion, I myself am full to the brim with mine but just because you think it’s another way for attention, to aim for the ‘You’re so naturally stunning’ comments doesn’t stand up this time around. As for the pressures of feeling you need to donate that is entirely up to the individual. You may have other charities you support. It doesn’t make you a terrible person.

So I would like to say I feel strangely and really rather proud of all the no makeup selfies that grace my Facebook and Twitter feeds. The genuine glowing faces of every single one of you reading this who have taken part and wiped off that layer of confidence to show what a fantastic person you are. For all of you who have or are going through the stage of a loved one fighting and staying strong. There is no questioning how valuable your face has become. Keep this going, keep donating and keep helping us to prevent losing the ones we love.


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