Blow like a Pro

Blow Like A ProLife lessons. Growing up we are taught all the necessities to help ease us into the world. Brushing your teeth twice a day or they will rot and you will never be able to eat sweets again. Not doing something just because everyone else is. Eating with your mouth closed. As the years passed by we were handed down advice that helps us through challenging times. Remember putting a condom on a banana in sex education? Shame they didn’t teach us how to wrap our lips around it. That first time you come face to face with the eye of the tiger is nerve wrecking. It stares at you, dribbling as it eagerly awaits the soft, warm feeling of your mouth taking it in, ticking your tonsils, your tongue rolling over it’s hardness. Fairly sure I never had a life lesson in learning how to give mind-blowing head. It’s not a subject you can be taught is it? No one can show you because that would just be weird. Your parents are hardly going to give you a step-by-step guide of deep throating and if you watch porn then you will wonder if your gag reflexes will even hold out. Different cocks have different ways of responding to your style. You can’t know how he likes it. You can practice for years and still find you technique changing with each new erection that stares you in the face. Even the many of us with experience still wonder what the fuck we’re doing. I am not the queen of head bopping but there are a few tips from a sex enthusiast:

  • Rule number one is to go in with enthusiasm. If he knows you are relishing having his penis in your mouth that’s already a huge turn on for him.
  • Tease him. Make it known where you intend to end up, rub your body against his as you kiss him. Run your hands all over him. Get the juices flowing.
  • Hands still count. As you take him in your mouth lightly rub his shaft up and down with the rhythm. It’s a sensation to add. N.B refrain from turning this into a quick wank he wont thank you for it.
  • Balls! He loves his balls. Get stuck in down there. Kiss the inside of his thighs and run your tongue over him, lightly, with a bit more pressure, just listen and feel how he reacts. Put them in your mouth and lightly suck and lick. Winning move.
  • Set the pace. You will know when to become faster and more passionate with him. No need to rush in with the deep, fast action.
  • Talk. Tell him you love having his cock in your mouth as you lightly drag your nails down his body. Man ego boosted.
  • A man has a spot between his balls and bum that, when pressed or rubbed whilst he melts in your mouth will add to his pleasure. Give it a go next time you’re down there.
  • This isn’t for everyone but for those that are not squeamish he has a shitarus. This is what I call a male clitoris as it’s up his butt. Give it a rub with a finger (it’s an inch or so up) just remember to keep your finger out of your mouth afterwards.
  • It’s all yours. Own it. Run your tongue all over his cock. Get down and dirty.
  • Slide your knickers aside and slowly sit on his cock, really slowly. Just once. This will drive him mad. (Only if you are at the sex stage of course) then take him back in your mouth. Moan and Groan too. The vibrations and sound will let him know you are getting off on it.
  • Be spontaneous. Do it when he least expects it or hide away in a public area. It’s the thrill of the risk.
  • Spit, swallow or throw-up is at your discretion. If he gives you a mouthful it’s manners to swallow.
  • If you have limited time just get on your knees and go for gold.

Unfortunately this is not a bible for the perfect blow job. However, It works. Trust me.

Have any tips yourself? Do share!

Copyright © 2014 The Bella Effect


  1. I think you have some awesome tips here, but I have found that no man is the same. When I’ve given it, each guy has been a little different, so you also have to be open to “taking some direction” too.

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