Love Drunk

Love Drunk

Meeting that man you had your sights set on. It’s all a bit scary. I mean, the whole stigma attached with men and relationships. They can’t have one. Not for a long period of time anyway. We’re always reading about how men are genetically wired to spread their seed and insert Mr Stiffy wherever and whenever possible. The majority of the men I have dated in the past have been uncontrollable over the actions of their penis’s, poking it into their best female friends, you know, the one that told you there was nothing between them? Bitch. So, when you do meet someone who is seemingly a little bit different, it’s hard to believe they aren’t like the rest of the pillocks who have the gift of the gab…

I may regret writing this sometime down the line because I am about to deliver the most cliche saying you could ever hear. The one that makes you roll your eyes and think, ‘there goes another love drunk, that’s going to hurt when she falls over. Openly and honestly I haven’t said this about a man before. I hated men. Yuk. Except it turns out, this one. I’ve had boyfriends I liked but could never imagine having sex with them long term. Boring. Ok, here goes, I’m going to say it, “I really think he’s different from the rest.”

He’s not different from the rest because he looks into my eyes and tells me endless nonsense. He’s different because I can see myself being with him for the unforeseeable future. I’m not jumping on the bandwagon to get hitched or saying that we’re going to have twins but I mean the enjoyable future. The fun time you have as a couple. I have never been a trusting person, but I am starting to allow myself to become slightly vulnerable and take the risk. The fact is his actions speak louder than words. Rather than telling me all the usual stories and believing, the way he treats me, kisses me and respects me lets me know how he feels. This is far more powerful than empty promises.

Lets talk about the sex. It’s explosive. Why? He knows me and understands my body. In this relationship I find our sex life runs a parallel story to our day to day life. We laugh, focus each others bodies, have passionate outbursts and make prolonged eye contact. It may sound like the usual sex job but personally for me this beats being thrusted about and having my breasts groped whilst thinking, ‘hurry up’ and faking an orgasm to get him to dismount me. A good relationship needs good sex and we have that in great abundance.

The classic worrying factor doesn’t really come into play. I have no reason not to trust him. Genuinely. At first I had a few doubts that I set straight but now I wouldn’t lay awake thinking he’s getting a lap dance from the bar maid when he goes on a night out. I don’t assume because he hasn’t messaged back he’s in a hotel room with his head between another girls legs. For once I feel secure enough with a man because he makes me feel that way.

We started off as friends for the past 5 years. The past 5 months we spent in the bedroom ripping each others clothes off and you know what? I couldn’t be happier.

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