The Ultimate Battle: Fat VS Thin

Fat vs thinThe never ending war between women. Fat or thin? Medium sized, curvy, normal, stick thin, super fat or a walking ball of cellulite. No matter what any of us say outwardly, we are all guilty of bitching with our close friends about dress sizes and throwing disdainful looks at passers by that, in our eyes, have a really unattractive body. You will have seen the looks thrown at you too whilst you notice a female looking you up and down. This is either one of two things; You look good or you look bad. Unfortunately we’re not the only critics of our body shape nowadays. To an extent we know what we wish to look like and some work hard to maintain their image, but it still won’t be to everyones taste. Like it or lump it, the perfect ideal ceases to exist. In your mind you have that set image of perfect. On what grounds does that set the definition of perfection? It doesn’t.

Before I continue I would like to confirm that what I debate and opinions I express are merely my own. With the helpful thoughts of others but as this is my blog I will say my thoughts as I feel fit. Just to add I never set out to offend. This is becoming a society in which we all keep our thoughts to ourselves because of risk of being offensive or rude. Truth is we all judge. You would be lying if you said you never once have.

We all know the great debate between larger and smaller women. Curves VS sticks. Who wants a bone when you can have meat etc etc *yawn.* To be honest I am pretty much sick of this ridiculous carry on. Why do I think it’s ridiculous? Plain and simply because we all have different bodies, builds and structures. Some of us are tiny with tiny bone structures and will never be able to physically be bigger than a size 6 because of our Genes. As Lady Gaga say’s “I was born this way.” Then we have another type of lady, who was born with a slightly wider frame, naturally full breasts and those hips that create the all too famous hourglass figure. We can’t lose weight because, you guessed it, we were born this way. Our physical bone structure will never be smaller than a size 10-12  (That is just an example dress size.) You get the idea as a basis for debate. You have the likes of myself that fluctuates in weight faster than you can say diet but for this blogs sake I will use the above examples. I refuse to nit pick.

Tackling all the causes that make us feel uncomfortable and less attractive within ourselves could be pages and pages so I will just stick to a few points that I personally have issues with. First off, Facebook. It is filled with thousands of e-cards that are continually posted containing ‘light hearted and humorous’ offerings of fat VS thin. Granted some of us wouldn’t even think about it, some of us feel so bitter towards someone of the opposite body type and some of us think it justifies and makes us feel better about being the shape we are. We blame magazines, television, celebs etc on creating false, airbrushed body images, countless tears and eating disorders, more votes for bigger women and so on it goes. We don’t blame ourselves or each other when we post these pictures stating “Real men like curves, only dogs go for sticks.” – Hold on. Who exactly are we aiming this at? Ok, so we may feel intimidated that we aren’t as thin as we wish, we might be blessed with the sexiest curves alive but still, what about that woman who naturally sits on a slimmer frame, out of no choice but the fact that as a woman this is the way she is and accepts it. Reversing the tables, she could notice a post like this and decide she’s not what a real woman should be so spends £5000 on breast implants. Reversing the cards, we have the “Life is too short to dance with fat girls.” Not stating that curves are fat. Not at all. This is basically the opposite point. Now girls who are not size 6 may become upset because this is more than likely a strike back at them and therefore spend a lot of money on personal trainers and dietitians to make themselves feel worthy of a dance with a man. Generally speaking but I’m sure you get my point here. I know it’s just a picture to some, but to others it has a more severe and personal effect. Social media and ourselves play a part in the ideal search for perfection. If we moan about airbrushing, maybe we should consider our own actions a little more carefully on how we create a reality of ‘real women’ because in all honesty, every one of us is a real woman and any of us posting comments or pictures suggesting that no man wants this or that is just as bad as the media but on a smaller scale. Let the men decide what their real woman is. You will be somebody’s.

Magazines, television and the rest of what goes with it is an old topic. We all know the bullshit about airbrushing, the requirements to be a top fashion model and the cabbage soup diet rumour. Pffft. We are all educated to see that images are altered, it’s no secret. These models though are models and successfully in these top end magazines because they are slim, elegant and feline. This is their job it’s what they do. Cameras put on a certain amount of pounds so of course these women will be teeny tiny to strut catwalks and grace fashion magazines. You do your job because you’re good at it. Being painfully honest, no one would buy that classically embroidered dress if the model coat hanger wasn’t as thin as she was. We all like visually attractive images, we are drawn to beauty, to our ideal and let’s face it, photoshopped and airbrushed images plant that seed of perfection into our heads and we want to be that girl, in that dress that works that page.  Not saying that anyone over a dress size 6 isn’t appealing within the media spotlight. Not at all. I am just saying, regardless of the false representation of many women with the glossy pages, it sells and it sells well. We can argue for more “real” women to parade the pages but realistically, would Vogue really be the same with Adele modelling Gucci’s new Winter range? No. She is fantastic at what she does, she has an image for what she does so I believe the pressure shouldn’t be on women to feel like they need to look like these fabulous models, but to understand that they represent an image that is to be portrayed by these Fashion houses to sell their products. Yes, they are airbrushed but they don’t walk around in real life airbrushed everyday. It’s an image and a job. It’s money.

In all honestly there is a rave about being thin. Having washboard abs and looking the dogs bollocks in that tight dress. If that’s what you want to look like then what’s wrong with that? If however you proceed to moan, write spiteful comments on photographs because thin is too thin, I think you need to question what you want. I look at images and throw out bitchy comments purely because I feel a stab of jealousy that I don’t look as good as them.     I want to be like them. I’m not talking airbrushed fakeness now I am talking about social media sites where real women post photos of holidays and what not. Comments like “She’s too thin” because I want to be that thin. I won’t be unless I work at it. So don’t comment on somebody who is perfectly happy by expressing your opinion that cannot be justified. Vice Versa. If a larger lady is enjoying a cocktail on a beach and posts it, it’s because she is confident with her body. There is no need to comment on your ideal because it’s irrelevant. No denying we think what we think but advertising it in a rather humiliating fashion shows more about your own self confidence than anything else. Skinny girls who post about fat girls? You are insecure to some extent with your body image which could be bra size or anything else. Fat girls that post about skinny girls? It’s because you want to be skinny. That’s the blunt truth. The only reason we judge is because we are not happy with an aspect of ourselves. We are quick enough to jump on celebs to blame them for an academic of thin females but this isn’t the major link in all cases.

Overall no image can ever be perfect. Forgetting all the “be unique” phrases that people say to make us feel better, the only proof of perfection lives inside your head. These debates will always continue but in reality there will always be a range of body weights. There will always be judgements on those who live a life of salad and those that live a life of KFC. Judge away, but the fact is until you reach your ideal of perfect you will always feel the need the criticize others. Until you are what you want to be you will pick others apart to figure out what you do like and what you do not.

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