Keeping it Real

Keeping it realBeing realistic is how I take on my approach to life. Pessimists really are quite the negative sort, while optimists enjoy the happiness they radiate. Realism is preparing to take what happens and accept the way any given circumstance plays out. Hiding behind pessimistic thoughts leaves us deflated, low and paranoid. Optimism can lead to great feelings of dismay when the positive thought you created turns out to be slightly different when acted upon in reality. I think what I’m trying to say is if the inevitable could be changed, it wouldn’t be inevitable. Cest la vie as they say is how the world works. You cannot stop anything that wants to happen, just as you cannot interfere in an affair that cannot be dabbled with. Having an understanding head on your shoulders gives you that head start of grasping the concept that neither tears nor happiness can change any given situation from the reality it’s facing. It merely gives you a different view point on the scene your senses are reacting to. Is the glass half full or half empty? That’s pessimism and optimism. Realistically? It’s the way it is without the thought process.

Stories create worlds for us to escape to that open our imagination and allow us to breathe in the air that doesn’t exist, except in our minds from the words pasted on the page in front of you. That page can take you anywhere, the descriptions can enlighten and spark the happiest moments to the saddest moments, whilst never truly existing in a physical way. This is the world you don’t want to leave, events, characters, even the setting can let you escape from reality and banish any thoughts to the back of your head, allowing that time to focus and get lost in the words of another person. Walk into their shoes and leave who you are behind if just for a single moment. Having a pessimistic or optimistic view upon the way you walk is only a story you tell yourself. Nothing is ever as bad as you think, just as nothing is ever as perfect as you wish. Not for a period of time that stretches further than the likes of walking the entire length of the Sahara Desert. Being prepared to accept occurrences that fall under the good and bad categories are merely an effective form of rational and logical reasoning. I mention stories as a gateway to walk out of your head and into anothers to experience escaping your angles and entering a position that has only been made possible by an imagination that, itself had to escape in order to pinpoint just where that secret hideaway was that would grant it freedom.

At one point a few years back I had a very bad outlook. All situations were looked upon as useless and unworthy of much accreditation. Not a great way to provide and build motivation and confidence within oneself but my mind was tuned to believe that’s the way the world worked. In my eyes not much really held much hope for any plans I wished to persue. My thoughts wilted and I realised that the “what if” in my mind was permanently on repeat deep within my feelings and theories. The negatives overruled the positives. It wasn’t until I read a book about the subject it finally made sense. So, I turned my thoughts around.

Optimism was of course a much nicer route to take. The sun shined and the birds sang. Being positive can never be a bad thing surely? You focus on the good and you attract the good. A positive mental attitude is the healthiest way to live your life. I worked with this outlook and really tried to turn my thought process around. That job you wanted comes rolling in, your worries lift and you take a step back and conclude it really is just mind over matter. A single thought controls the view you have. The thing is, what happens when something breaks this perspective and being optimistic turned you into a slightly more naive version of yourself?

I figured from many experiences both happy and sad that you can never truly tell what is around the corner. A thought cannot dictate physical matters, only possibilities. As much as you can look on the bright side every second of everyday and live by this rule, reality will interfere now and then that is certain. Such as living in a world of gloom and negativity will be turned around by moment of clarity when reality proves to be a stronger force than the thoughts in your mind.

I fall into all three categories but predominantly I tend to be a realist. I merely follow the reasoning of taking things as they really are. Whether that be something beautiful, ugly, happy or sad.

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