Court and Courting.

Court and CourtingHaving started writing as Bella, I did so for the simple reason that people wouldn’t gage who I am. I mean, friends and social network friends will know as I publicise on my pages to gain a wider spectrum on who reads about most parts of my life as a mid-20s female. The female who quite openly talks about the problems she faces with men, sex, alcohol, men, weight gain, men and friendships. Most of the time I huddle myself in the corner of my local Starbucks where they know my order off by heart and I can be left alone in peace and quiet without worrying I overstay my welcome of buying one drink to last 5 hours. They know who I am too. Point is, when I write about certain goings ons in my somewhat eventful life, some of them will involve people I know. People I know read this. Not so secret when I look at it that way, but I do my best to disguise characters and shall continue to do so as I take you through the past week of law breaking and, you guessed it. Sex.

The matters are unrelated, I haven’t turned my hand to prostitution as the above may imply. Money may be tight but that’s my own fault for spending over half my monthly income in Miss Selfridge whilst on a shopping binge and thinking what the hell. Now I think shitting hell. At least I’ll look picturesque whilst sat at home for no one to see. Silver lining and all that. So, what was I saying, oh yes, my past week and the scenarios I landed myself in. Maybe landed wasn’t the best word as I knew exactly what I was heading into. Two completely new and nerve wracking situations. For utterly different reasons. The past week has tested nerves in areas of my body I didn’t know existed. I’ve had the shakes in more ways than one I can tell you that now…

The start of the week commenced as a complete stomach churner. I have this one friend you see, who is unlike any other person I have ever met for the sheer fact anything he wants to do he goes right ahead and does it. So it was just that that he did without considering he may actually be found out and arrested. Four months of battling court cases, trying on the barristers wig whilst she was out of the room, facing some extremely angry characters and incredibly stern judges was everything this final day was built up to. The verdict. What happens next. This was the week we found out. Turning up to the crown court at 9.30am as the summons ordered, we sat down in the rather familiar waiting room slightly on edge. This could be prison unless he was very lucky. Waiting for almost two hours feeling sick at what would happen in the court room, his name was finally called. Court room 4. The judge apparently was one of the good guys. Nicer than the rest. I shan’t detail what the case was about nor what the final outcome was, but I will tell you it wasn’t a jail sentence. Phew. The thought of one of my best friends in prison was not a future I wanted to comprehend. Until next time the idiot does as he wishes. Still, I wouldn’t change him for the world. Well, Maybe if he does it again.

Continuing to the end of the week, the stomach churning morphed into a crazy flutter of butterflies. Yes, butterflies, the things you get when you kinda like someone. Shit. How has this happened? It just did. I didn’t plan this (for once) it just happened. Then I didn’t want it to stop happening. Again, I will miss the obvious detailing that I wish not to discuss. Why? Oh man, am I saying this about a guy really? I respect him. There’s just something I know I like. I won’t go into all the sexual details, that remains personal. I will say I enjoy it because it really is, well, amazing on all levels. He’s funny, talented and just great to talk too. It would be silly not to mention the fact I find him rather attractive. Possibly one of the most attractive guys I have met. He sends shivers down my spine that makes me go “oooohhhh.” Anyway, I’m not telling you anymore because I may save that for another time. When I am in one of my raunchy, erotic moods and decide to spill all the sexy details.

My past week has included a health check of my nervous system and concluded it works as it should. From being scared out of my wits to being taken into submission this has been quite an adrenaline fuelled seven days. Bear in mind it was difficult for me to hold back the earth shattering detailing about the episode with the butterflies, I tamed myself to just talk about the basics. Although nothing about the intensely enjoyable moment was basic. There I go getting carried away again. Anyway, Starbucks is nearly closed now. Time to head back and let my two mysterious characters stumble upon a little something about themselves.

Your life is your own story. Make it unforgettable.

Copyright © 2013 The Bella Effect

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