Call Me Karma

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“Karma: Destiny or fate, following as cause from effect.”

Karma. Some say she is a bitch. They are correct 90% of the time. Depends on how you behave and shape your life I guess. The ill treatment of another will rebound back to you one day. In Theory that’s how it works, it may not be the same effect but it’s consequences will react just as they were dished out. Play nice. They say the gods play a vital role in this retaliation of cause and effect. My personal views are of an agonistic view point when it comes to religion. I am not too sure if I believe in a higher being, but I do believe in fate and karma. I will never quite work this out myself. I try my best to be the nicest person I can be. Honestly I do. The fact is, and I admit this fully, I am not always a truthful and honest person. I don’t always do my best. Being perfect is near on impossible. Truthfully? It is impossible.

I welcome anyone who tells me they are a model of perfection with no dark secrets, never having committed any wrongdoing or told a lie. Admitting I am far from perfect is not a declaration that I am a bad person. You have to admit though sometimes it really is hard to play by the rules. You can smell and feel the air of karma, hear her whispering that what you are doing will be back around to challenge you. Shifting the voice to the back of your mind you carry on regardless. Naughty you. I have had what can only be described as a ‘shit load’ of bad karma and question myself on what I done that was so bad I deserved that. Saying that I still don’t have the bollocks to admit some of the things I have done. Not that they are so terrible everybody would exclaim in a total anguish, just not really acceptable. Mainly man orientated. Wishing to shift the blame to them would make any justification of my actions much more forgiving, but as they say – it takes two.

Whether it counts that I never made the first move in any of my not-really-ideal scenarios,(supposedly) I still took part. Whoops. It’s the excitement, the sheer adrenaline rush of a new involvement. An involvement which shouldn’t be happening but nonetheless it has ignited like a match stick hitting a spilled barrel of petrol. The passion of the flames just surround you, leaving you unable to see anything else, breathless for the outcome if you make it out unburnt and unscathed. Ridiculous, completely and utterly ridiculous.

Karma walks in my shadows. Stalking seems to harsh a term when I know she knows I am only a mere temptation away from repeating or endeavouring upon a new set of actions. In all honesty I think she rather enjoys it all. I kinda feel fate and karma have shaken hands and sealed a deal. Fate seems to lead me into the path that karma loves to walk. Many a time I will hold my hands up and say,“you got me there” but alongside those have been one or two times she caught me when she was clearly on her menstrual cycle and played dirty. Very Dirty.

Reminds me of playing kiss chase. Without the romance. Just seems fate throws me the causes and karma deals with the effects.

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