The Douchebag: Part Two

bella effect douchebagThe Douchebag part two. The kind of ‘whats next?’ part to my mini start of the story about Bella and that guy. Now, just to set the record Bella and ‘that guy’ have one of these bizarre relationships in which they sometimes have sex, sometimes go on dates and sometimes just don’t talk. It’s never a permanent fixture. So, where were we, ah yes, the party where they met…


Giggling and swaying with (yet another) glass of white wine Bella took a cigarette from the pack he was holding out for her. “I want to party! It’s far too early to go home yet” she exclaims, tilting her head to the side in that annoying way girls do to get their own way. He studied her for a few moments before replying. “Well, I could quite easily stay out, I can pick you up but I need to go home first to change.” He reaches into his pocket and pulls out his phone. Probably full of girls numbers she thinks to herself.


The whole Bella and ‘that guy’ thing went on for nearly a year. Never actually being anything to each other yet always being something. Difficult situation to comprehend I guess unless you’re in it yourself you will never know. They kissed, dated, went on a day trip (which was fun), slept together and sneaked around together. He told her he liked her, Bella liked him too and it was fun. The underlying problem was the fact Bella did not want him to be her boyfriend she would never trust him it was completely insane to even consider it. He, on the other hand wanted more. So what happened?

After the first night they met, they spent hours kissing. That extended to hours spent expressing further lustful feelings (you know what I mean) and that was ultimately what kept the fire burning. Why they never stopped talking when their lives moved in a slightly different direction is a good question. Bella did stop contact, or tried too for a short time whilst she got herself into an official relationship but a month or so later they began short bursts of conversations which led to another rendezvous when she finally split with this short-term boyfriend. He got himself a girlfriend, yet the messages still continued. By this point Bella was unsure if it was even just her or if she was part of a game. Her number got called and ‘Bingo’ it her was turn for the phone call.

Yes, they have sex, meet up now and then and hang out. It’s what they do. They would never work together. He wants a girlfriend (and to sleep with as many girls as possible) and Bella wants someone who can keep ‘Mr Stiffy’ calm and in control unless in the bedroom (or otherwise risqué place) with her.

Bella and that guy. Lust has a lot to answer for. Especially them.

Copyright © 2013 The Bella Effect

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