Just One of Those Days

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Today is one of those days. You know, you wake up, roll over, groan and just have a feeling your day is already screwed before it has even started. I realised my day was off to a bad start the moment I felt the fizz from last night growling around my stomach and threatening to rise with me as I sat up in bed. Yuk. That was just the start. I had missed my fitness session because I was an alcohol infused firework and overslept my stupidly quiet alarm. ‘How will I ever become a total beach babe if I carry on like this’ I thought, as I dragged myself up to make a de-caff coffee with the no milk we had in the fridge. Great. (I would like to blame my mother but I live here too.) So I cursed myself instead. Glancing around at least the place isn’t going to be a hassle to tidy, it was fairly neat already so this was a bonus. Until I fucked that up.

Like a good little spring chicken (sounded good ok) I vacuumed, polished and started to run the water for the washing up. Boom. I was nearly done and all in under half an hour. Walking to my room I picked up my phone and saw a missed call from one of my agents. Yay. So, called back to be hit with the news a customer had complained about a recent job blah blah blah, wasn’t actually my fault and the situation was (I hope) resolved. I need these guys to give me work they are a lifeline. It wasn’t my fault basically someone was late and decided to cause a huge drama because some people are complete moan-a-holics. Long and short it was another issue to add to the “It’s one of those days” list. Ohhhh shit.

Multi-tasking was never a strong point of my characteristics and returning to the kitchen the sequence of words that flowed through my head are not acceptable to include on here right now. Oooooh fuck I just flooded the kitchen. Literally. There was water flowing all over the kitchen sides, down the units and a puddle of about two inches covered the entire floor. It was a swimming pool infused with Fairy Liquid bubbles. Had I have been under the influence I would more than likely have grabbed my bikini and a Martini but this was not the time. Nearest thing to grab turned out to be my bed sheets so I covered the floor and prayed they would soak it up. Yes! They did this is brilliant. Opening the window I allowed the damp waft of water to drift out.

Shit happens, but why does it all happen on one day? It could be worse, we all know that but sometimes the little things build up to become a bigger deal and leave you ridiculously and pathetically stressed out and feeling sorry for yourself. Like moi today. In between these random epidemics of unfortunate luck I also thought checking my bank account would be classed as a good idea. Alas, no payments that were due in had been paid (no shock in this eventful money grabbing industry) and I swore again. Loudly. Just to add I feel fat (due to pre-period bloating) and every item of clothing I try on makes me look fat so I also whinge to myself about how fat I am. Just to criticize myself even more because I am in that kinda mood I tell my reflection ‘Taylor Swift’ tits don’t look good and that a boob job should be considered. Just because I love being a bitch sometimes, even to myself.

So I have moaned on Facebook, stated I want a new job and life isn’t fair. Why would anyone pay attention? Boring. Real Boring. Yet sometimes we vent to the world with some kind of intent of getting an answer, like somebody is your guardian angel and will reply with everything you ever wanted to hear, possibly like “Darling, I have a new job waiting for you, you know the one you wanted in PR” – this will never happen. Reminds me of when I sit there listening to UB40 – ‘I can’t help falling in love with you’ and imagine “Mr Right” taking my hand and declaring his undying love. Sod off. No way. (I do love that song though.) Just another form of self-pity. No one loves me *Holds fists in air in dramatic Romeo and Juliet theatre style*

It’s ok because (sing it with me) ‘Tomorrow, tomorrow, is only a day a-way.’

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