Yay for Valentines Day

bella effect valentinesValentines day. A day of flourishing romance between lovers (or stalkers) in which we shower our other half in rose petals, chocolate and natural lubricants. Singletons have the opportunity to very secretly post their carefully selected card to their admirer, fingers and toes crossed that they will finally see sense and fall in love with them. I actually thought some crazy, obsessive, love-drunk mentalist created this day but it appears it really has a substantially sane background history. Basically there was king who thought bachelors made better soldiers so drew the line on marriage in young men. Good old St Valentine wedded these couples in secret before being found out by the Romans and sadly that was that. After healing the daughter of his jailer he bid her a farewell signed “From your Valentine.” He died as a result of the consequences of going behind the kings back. A king is a king but bravo for the courage Mr Valentine.

Being in the twenty-first century obviously society has somehow blown this day completely out of proportion. I am willing to hedge a bet Mr Valentine did not give his darling a set of sex position cards and a chocolate heart on a stick before making her dress up in stockings and suspenders whilst applying strawberry flavour pleasure gel to his most intimate regions. This being my first Valentines day in round about three years I too am now forced to convey the signs of love and affection that surrounds February 14th. Admitting to myself I have to put aside my views on the situation I thought it would be nice if I made an effort. So that I did.

Strolling around the shops I mused over ridiculous cards, irrationally tacky gifts and overpriced chocolates. Hmmmm, this could be tricky. I have chosen to date a man who likes man things. He enjoys trips to B&Q to purchase things that you can buy from a place like that. He also enjoys shopping for car parts like valves and spending time on eBay searching for more things you can put on/in a car. Me of course, having absolutely no idea what on earth he means most of the time am currently looking at love heart mugs and teddy bears completely at a loss for what I can possibly give him to show my new found appreciation towards our courting. Do eBay do vouchers? I guess I could always pose on the bonnet of his Chrysler and frame it if all else fails.

To say I think Valentines is over-rated is an understatement. Increased pressure on relationships to deliver an extra special amount of lust and love is almost unbearable to some extent. You only have to look around to see how superficial this date in time has become. This should be about two people maybe taking a little time to set aside and appreciate what they have. Materialistic measures are of course wonderful and can express what we sometimes cannot say nor express but for me minimal is optimal.

One thing Mr Valentine did create was an excuse to live 364 days of the year emotion free. Surely that’s what Valentines day is for?

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