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bella effect marriageSo this year I thought I done well making my big step forward into the relationship zone. Considering I had been single for three years this for me was really a masterpiece of magnificent wonders. If I was important enough to make headlines it would read something like “Single girl snapped up as if by magic.” Although saying this I can only presume as I don’t like to finish writing other peoples sentences. One can only ponder what genius piece this headline may have been. Looking around me I feel like ‘Wet Wet Wet’ is constantly by my side singing ‘Love is all around me’. By this I mean engagements, weddings and babies are popping about here, there and everywhere and at quite a dramatically fast pace.

Being smack-bang in the middle of my twenties I should by now realise that my friends and also other people who are not my friends will indeed strut down the aisle, throw their bouquet for the next desperate wannabe bride to catch, sip champagne and jet off to celebrate what they had just celebrated except this time in a bikini and not a pristine white wedding dress. Every little girl dreams of her perfect day. How her dress will look like a princesses, the cake will be a tower of white icing with herself and her prince perched on top and it will be the best day of her life. My friends are no exception. Me? Something went wrong somewhere. What a tragedy.

Marriage means so much more than just having someones name. There are the positives so lets start off with them:

  • A lover who you connect to with your heart and soul.
  • Someone you can cry with and tell your deepest darkest secrets.
  • You will make love and babies.
  • Laughter that makes you fill with happiness like no other.
  • A bond between the two of you. A special one.

The negatives:

  • You have a severe case of the shits and he will be present to listen.
  • Those boring things you hate doing you just signed up to for life.
  • You will get fatter. It’s inevitable.
  • Your family is his family. Vice Versa. (In bad circumstances having a bitch of a mother-in-law)
  • He will ask to borrow a tenner and you will be obliged to leave it under his car keys. You won’t get it back.

My gran once said “Marriage is a bad institute” and my mum hardly see’s the point so I think this may be a genetic complication rather than an acquired opinion over my adolescent years up until the present day. That being today. Every single human being possesses a dream/fantasy about their future life and no single person is right, just as no single person is wrong. It is purely opinion. I have mellowed to the idea of marriage since my friends have all happily flashed their left hands and little diamonds at me and I can see they are truly happy with the decision they have made. Not all will have met their “Soulmate” but they are happy with what they have so I say good luck. Genuinely.

Good news is you only have to wait a year for a divorce, how bad can it be?

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