Coffee shop gossip….

bella effect starbucks

Sitting in Starbucks with my cup of hot chocolate. I decided I would take myself here for a few hours to get away from the usual scenes of my day to day life and surround myself with bustling talks of busy people taking time out to assess their own lives. Before I arrived I had a mental image of me swanning in, the likes of a young, handsome man watching and casually asking to join me as we spend the next three hours lost in our own little world and realising we have incredible amounts in common. Unlikely and in fact just pretty stupid of me to even have had this daydream. The reality is two business men sat next to me discussing wooden structures for a client and a couple of ladies sat cooing over a baby. Hardly a story to tell. So let’s have a typical coffee shop chat about something we all love to gossip about…

This is just a casual, laid back kinda gossip about my recent life events. You know, just a catch up between me and you. So what can I say? I have indeed been on the “scene” as it is most frequently described as. May I add that little genie who read my “No labels relationship” piece popped out of that lamp like lightening and I kid you not, no longer than a week later I was enjoying a casual, light hearted and fun little encounter. Not the ideal guy that you would class as ‘suitable’ for commitment but for what I was looking for, this really was, well, spot on. A charmer I can’t deny, he is the type that knows what to say, how to say it and how to get away with it. Just hadn’t met me yet and he was not getting away with those tactics. No no. Tall, oh yes, we’re talking over 6”, nicely built, good looking (you know he knows it) and a good sense of humour. Laid back and just easy to get along with. Voila this was perfect. The next few weeks after we met were fun. Day time adventures, evening drinks, sex a couple of times whilst we had the chance in appropriate and inappropriate places (you’re only young once) and in general just having a pretty good time. Except when he has stupid “I’m not talking to you ever again” strops. *Rolls eyes*

There was also an anonymous man I had a soft spot for. For a few months actually but due to certain circumstances and fellow followers of my writing, I cannot say or for that matter indulge too much information about him. So “Mr Mysterious” to you, he was tall, dark, I would say handsome to those with an acquired taste. Not for everyone should draw the image up nicely. We got on when we were together, banter was top notch and overall just rather enjoyable. My information about this particular character is restricted and he was extremely reserved, rather vague and not quite open enough to get anywhere as such. So it remained a basic friendship. I genuinely thought he was a nice guy, until last week. Admittedly I don’t know the whole story but what I do know is enough for now to change my opinion. It was nothing to do with myself personally. For that matter I did not even see him last week. Which was the underlying issue for my concern on how someone could give no contact for such a good cause.

Well, my hot chocolate has gone down a treat, for now I am out of gossip and idle chit-chat so I shall head off home and find something else to occupy myself with. Toodle pip!

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