The “No Labels” Relationship

bella effect relationshipsSitting here thinking. Over-thinking actually which apparently isn’t very good for you because you make up ridiculous scenarios in your head that really are never likely to make an appearance on the great stage production of “I told you so.” My imaginary gallery is full of happy couples, all people I know of course. Portraits of confined happiness within a relationship and blissfully happy puppies and babies. On behalf of all my dear friends (who are all in the genre above) this life is the perfect life, the one they want forever. Being in my mid-20s surely something should be screaming at me to get myself into a frame with a big cheesy smile and a dazzling partner?

Clearly establishing I am not genetically modified to follow the rules of tradition I have only one choice to admit what I actually want. That is neither a relationship nor to be ‘Man-free.’ Understandably this may lack logic to some people but to me it makes perfect sense for what I want at this particular moment in my life. I know I’m not the only one, I can’t be but still, to find someone who 1) You find attractive, and 2) Shares your way of thinking – can actually prove to be difficult. As covered previously “Mr Casual” is not the ideal for Moi. No No. I enjoy sex but I also enjoy having fun. This is where it gets difficult…

Describing my perfect situation would go a little like this: I meet someone who I quite fancy, is funny, knows how to have a good time and doesn’t take anything too seriously. We can see each other 2-3 times a week (MAX) and it’s just fun, you know things like cinema trips, a day out here and there, walking through the park eating ice-cream and reciting poems to each other along with crazy, amazing sex. Sounds like a couples thing (your thinking too loudly, I can hear you) but I can promise from my eyes it’s not; No label no relationship status. No relationship status means no arguing and no arguing means we can still do what we want, when we want to do it.

My lifestyle just wouldn’t fit in with having what is known as a “Boyfriend.” My job for one is so sporadic and last minute keeping to plans is a challenge in itself. To have an un-attached involvement would just work. Wanting what I can’t have springs to mind. I always want what I can’t have, although as I’ve matured controlling the unwanted outbursts of “It’s not fair” seem to be going rather well. Undeniably being high maintenance, this can also be redeemed a bonus for any men who I meet that also share my views. I also doubt any one would share these views unless they were fellow commitment phobes. So I’m faced with a tough predicament.

Do I get what I want? Maybe, maybe not…

Copyright © 2012 The Bella Effect

One comment

  1. Actually love this one why carnt there be more people like this? I find relationships way to restrictive my life is my life I wouldn’t dream of telling some one what they can do or carnt do so wouldnt expect to be told ever! That’s what I don’t get? Trust all the way 3 nights a week is Abit ambitious that would take some building up and Abit of a life style change! Lol x

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