It’s a Boy/Girl Thing

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Putting me in the genre of the stereotypical girl would be, lets just say an error. This I am not. Obviously we all know I don’t believe in the ‘Happy ever after’ and ‘I love you’ sayings that are routinely told and whispered amongst hundreds of love struck couples that like to think this is real life. It was actually invented by a clever man years ago, and the sad fact is his true love was Micky Mouse. I guess I am fairly cynical when it comes to the whole relationship and dating scene, but I really don’t see the appeal in diving in without a clear vision. Lets face it those rocks are going to hurt when you hit them…

Enjoying the company of the opposite sex can unfold so many different scenarios; A love affair, a quiet night in with a Rom-Com or a series of meetings involving wild and passionate embraces. How wonderful each of these are, almost comparable to an exotic beach with the sound of the waves hitting the shore in gentle splashes and knowing that is all there is to it. To me that is exactly what it is. No confusing figures of speech or timeless nothings, just the raw ingredients that make it work. This won’t last forever, I mean after all nothing ticks forever. Our clocks eventually run out of time and this is when everything dies. When this time comes, you move on. Confusion leads to chaos as we all know.

The reason I feel this way? Not 100% sure on the answer but I do feel like questioning myself on why I am one of the few women who is happy to live her life commitment free. I could go as far as saying I feel I have a similar mind to the male population but even then that would be a million miles off. What do men even mean when they say what they say? When they act in their bizarre ways that cannot warrant any logical explanation? I can say that I agree less is more. Most Women will meet a man, exchange numbers (what comes next?) then depart. The difference here is once ladies have the all important number, they will indeed use it. A lot. Sometimes too much. Me? I don’t. You will never find me sending strings of messages to my interest, or for that matter coming across in any other way than relaxed and collected. My thinking; If a guy is thinking of you, he will be in contact.

Some traits of my character are what some would describe as fairly ‘cool’ in the respect I just do things to my taste. I am not an overly trusting person, especially as I find it hard to believe men are able to remain faithful. My inbox on Facebook can prove and back this up with hard evidence. Again, I do stick by the theory that if someone is honestly, genuinely thinking about you, they will find the time to let you know. I am not so proud that I refuse to input any effort, I will of course let my interest know, in no certain words that I do like him. Then the tables turn. That’s what makes my mind up. Being worth someones time tells me it could be worth a venture into the unknown.

Being able to have fun with someone is what I enjoy. My freedom is my most treasured possession. How could I demand someone else’s time when I would hate for that to be put on me? I honestly believe being happy with someone is a short affair (for me anyway) and you should compliment one another’s lifestyle, no one likes to be told they can’t do what they love the most in life and for someone to come along and attempt to almost possess this lifestyle, that is not a nice situation to be cornered into.

Choose someone that becomes an attribute to your life rather than a hinderance – it should be fun right? If it’s not, then like I say, maybe it’s time for a change…


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