Shoes Vs Savings

bella effect shoes

There are a variety of ways people view money. Depending on your status of course this also dictates how to act upon receipt of any monies you receive. Some choose to save, save and save whilst others, like me, look at the shiny new bank balance and get drawn into this imaginative world of beautiful high heeled shoes, never-ending rows of lipsticks, bundles of handbags and the cutest hair accessories until you finally snap out of it and have a moment of clarity. It’s all so clear what you must do, and as women, we do it best.

As my train pulls into Euston I am thinking to myself. Serious thoughts. I’ve been paid and for me this day always presents a serious thought-path of some kind in my mind. I should really save as we all know I am getting old (hence the list I wrote – remember?) and should be piling the cash into my pension fund (totally do not have one of those) whilst setting up one of those ISA accounts that you stash savings in and they apparently give you good interest rates if you don’t touch it for ‘X’ amount of years. Me and banking have never seen eye to eye, we fell out once and it’s never been the same since. I blame this for the ever increasing pairs of converse’s I possess as I like to see my money in the form of happiness. Happiness is shoes. The more pairs you own the happier you are as a female. I would like to go as far as confirming this as a fact, surely it has to be?

Having to be in London to meet a client, I decide to make a deal with myself. Yes. Nothing like self-motivation and a Costa coffee all at the same time, this excites me way to much. Costa I meant. Not self-motivation. Anyway, this client is important for me and I know I have the experience and charisma to deliver all that is needed to make this event a success. (I am a Promotional and Events Freelancer, just so you know.) Bargaining with myself I decide that if I do in fact secure my self the gig, shopping is the 3 hour warranty that comes with the good news.

Strolling out of the offices on Regents street I think of my bank, mentally making a note to apologize that it will sadly no longer be fully funded. Instead my arms are weighed down with the delightful new pretty things I have purchased guilt free (always justify your expenditure, like I do) wondering if there is possibly anything else I could need to make my day even more wonderful. Hmmm, not right now. So I decide enough is enough and head back to the station with a big smile on my face and extremely pleased to be able to wear such pretty outfits.

Justification for the way you spend your money can only be decided by yourself I guess. So many times I have heard the “You need to save for the future” lecture and if I’m honest this bores me and I tend to switch off and think of wine and men. I cannot deny, for anyone who knows me for that matter, that I am high maintenance, meaning I unfortunately never listen to good or possibly even great advice. I don’t live by the rulebook of finance, I don’t follow the do’s in the columns. Nothings fun when your straight down the line and read the book word for word. Although it really is naughty, a certain kick is gained from breaking the rules of saving. That pension pot can wait. Jimmy Choo is calling.

Rules, what rules? I’m just that kinda girl…


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  1. Although I tend not to buy too many shoes, for me with practically zero interest offered by banks to encourage me to keep hold of my money… I tend to decide to spend. After all I am doing my bit for the economy right? Love the article.

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