Does it Pay to be Fussy?

bella effect fussyBeing a picky person can be seen as irritating. I see that. You are going to visit friends and they have to come up with a complete ‘picky persons’ menu because you just don’t like the A La Carte they have impressively conjured up. Ham Sandwiches and Ready Salted crisps are more than adequate. Simple indeed, yet knowing what we enjoy and not bargaining for the possibility of remaining hungry all night because we made the wrong choice, and worst of all have to pretend we enjoyed the whole 6 course feast (My idea of absolute hell.) Ok so I’m not as picky as above, this is obviously slightly exaggerated (I am really great at that) but on a different tangent when it comes to men so many ladies will take whats on the menu so long as he isn’t the left overs at the buffet. This baffles me. Completely. Why?

There are some people out there, both sexes, who are just what we call “Relationship Hoppers,” never single yet hip-hopping from one relationship to the next in the fear they will forever be alone. This works for them, somehow, not entirely sure of the process of this one. Then we have the “I want to settle down now and anyone will do” types of nut cases, you know, the ones who become incredibly introverted in their own mission to get pregnant and get married. Totally disappear from the radar these odd characters. Finally we have (this is where I kind of fit in, kind of) the “I love being me, doing what I do and until someone who actually catches my eye comes along I’m happy in my bubble” type of person. This is the fussy bunch. The irritating ones who just seem to be single forever.

Match making is my pet hate. If I wanted to just go out and get a boyfriend for the sake of it, at least let me choose. This has no appeal what so ever for me and if I’m honest it makes me feel about 15 years old. This is not cool, and it never will be. If your not fussy on the other hand it couldn’t be easier to just get involved, regardless of any attraction. I think what I am getting at with being fussy is the chemistry aspect between two people – stay with me here… no one can tell me they regularly meet someone and there is pure chemistry that you can’t explain. This is rare and when you come across it there is nothing you can do except give in. So if you are not fussy, you can date and get into a relationship without this vibe going on. Being friends and sharing a mutual attraction is great, but lets face it there is no desire there. What does that make for exactly?

When taken to seriously all of these traditional values put pressure on us to be somewhere in life at a certain time, and as we get older we worry more and more everyday about having a family and getting married (I don’t at all, not one bit if I am honest) because this is what is expected of us. Personally I will never ever be forced into this way of thinking, to me it’s ridiculous. Too many people sign there lives away to someone they know deep down is not right for them. Oooh I got a bit serious there, lighten up!

Live your life for yourself and you will find that instead of looking for what you need, what you want will show up when you least expect it.


Copyright © 2012 The Bella Effect

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