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bella effect story

I have been a tiny bit naughty on the updating front. To defend myself I have been incredibly busy with the likes of work, yes, all work no play for me. Gosh that sounds boring. Although saying that I did have a very exciting little adventure on the way back from my Rotterdam work trip. As exciting as getting on the wrong train, missing the connecting train to Brussels and watching the last Eurostar back to London depart right in front of our eyes. When something goes wrong it leads a path for something much more interesting to happen…

So, you may have guessed that I stayed in Brussels along with a friend. Why not I mean it’s not everyday you get a free stay in a city you just happen to fall upon because you made a mistake (I am trying to justify my terrible judgement on trains here.) It was an honest mistake in the respect we got the 17.48 as opposed to the 17.58 but hey those situations are mainly follow the leader – one gets on and the rest follow. I myself am not one of these panicky people, in fact I am inappropriate around these unfortunate mis-happenings. Six females on the wrong train, looking at all our colleagues on the platform enjoying their coffees with not a care in the world as we slowly chug away from any chance of being home that evening. Of course there was panic, irrational thinking and the general feeling that this was the end of the world. Me, I just laughed. A lot.

The obvious action to take was to get off at the next station in the vague hope the train we actually needed would stop here. No such luck. Alas we were not completely, erm, you know, lets go for screwed. There was indeed a train to Brussels but it was a slow burner. Yup, stopped pretty much everywhere it could like an eager tourist. Arrival time to the station 19.45pm – Eurostar departure 19.52pm. Oh dear. Totally going to be stuck I knew it from the start but when you have a poor girl who needed to get a flight to Monaco the next day in tears, you have to keep the moral and positivity up. I went for the “We haven’t missed it yet, don’t panic about something that hasn’t happened” approach and it helped as much as saying your not getting that plane. So I just shut up. Amazingly the conductor did not charge us for being on the wrong train without paying a fare, and even more surprisingly called Eurostar to wait for us…you can try right?

Four got a flight to Heathrow while two of us bartered a 4* hotel down to a fair price and explored the city. Wined and dined before finding a great little bar/club. 3am snuck up on us and we headed back through the somewhat confusing streets of Brussels to our pretty little hotel before rising at 6am to ensure we actually got to London. Having reached London and feeling somewhat more alive than I have done in a long time, leaning against the walls of the Kings Cross tube station I could finally completely relax. Chelsea fans were parading around proud of their victory (I presume, I dislike football in a big way) and a young lad of about 23 decided to interrupt my peaceful ‘waiting-for-my-train time’ and tell me about all the clubs and boring information I really could not of cared less about. Go away you moron. Do I look like a football kinda girl?

Sometimes things will go wrong, that’s life. You can choose which way to view the outcome. A terrible experience of a travel home, or an adventure which took you somewhere you never thought you would end up? Wrong doesn’t have to be bad, just as right isn’t necessarily good. You may just need a wrong turn to get you back on the right track.


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