What Did Bella Do Next?

bella effect what bella did next

Digging through my make-up bag I delve in beyond all the blushers, mascaras and glosses in hunt of my ultimate finish – the classic red lips. Eventually the small compact case is wrapped in my fingers as I pull it out, take the lid off and run the smooth colour along my lips. Perfect. Classic yet oozing sex appeal this was just the look I was intent on re-creating. Fragranced with my favourite perfume, my long hair loosely curled and floating over my bare shoulders and wearing an off-the-shoulder black dress paired with beautiful deep red heels which gave elegance to my chosen look. I stole a glance in the mirror. Could I do it? My heart was pounding as I turned and headed for the door.

The night air ran across my skin, it was a warm evening but my skin tingled with a chill of anticipation. My stomach felt like it had a knot tied with thousands of butterfly’s desperately attempting to untie it. Scenarios were drifting in and out of my head, speeches, ways to act it was all becoming one giant mess and no sense would come of it. Just stop it! I am acting completely irrational was the latest thought running wild as the taxi pulled into the car park. My friends were meeting me in the bar. 9pm we agreed. I was 15 minutes late already due to the many outfit changes beforehand. The taxi swung into the buzzing nightlife, I threw him his fare and walked into the square. The bar was directly opposite where I was standing and I ventured forwards, a few dismissive looks from people otherwise persuaded that I was dressed in an appropriate fashion, a few approving looks from seemingly single men. You can never tell these days I thought to myself as I pushed open the door.

For a Saturday night at 9.15pm there was a lively atmosphere, more so than usual. I liked it. Scanning the room my heart sank ever so slightly. It’s still early I told myself. I spotted my friends over to the right, flirting with two blonde guys who were sat at one of the tables nearby. As I head towards the table my friends spot me and do the little “Hi! We’re here” wave. The Blondie’s are soon forgotten as we start chit-chatting and gossiping, taking it in turns to relay our lives from the past week like some sitcom on American daytime TV. I check my watch. 10.15pm. Wow that time went fast. I feel a tap on my shoulder and my heart jumps to my throat; it can’t be?! Turning around slowly an old friend screams in the way girly girls scream, deafens me with “Omg’s” and leaves ten minutes later. Why would this happen? The feeling of deflation starts, so I get up and go to the bar and as I stand there waiting for my drink, I can feel it. He’s standing right next to me. My whole body turns to jelly and I can feel myself blushing fiercely. He looks right into my eyes, I can’t look anywhere else. He tells me I am looking extremely attractive and offers to buy me a drink…

*Brrrrr* *Brrrrr* My alarm clock goes off. Its 6am and I have a day of working outside in the drizzling rain and somewhat apparent freezing conditions that only England seems to be blessed with. A dream. That was all it was. A dream is always perfect. It works magically, you feel the way you desire to feel and it always ends before your even near ready for it. Damn dream.

Although I have to admit it didn’t quite stop there…


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