Slowly but Surely

bella effect slowlySo you’re stood at the bottom of a tall building; To your right reveals a winding staircase while to your left a lift in which you simply press a button – your choice? My friends see the lift as the sure fire answer- it’s quick, you get hold of your target much faster, no messing around and at least you know what’s waiting as opposed to wasting valuable time. To a degree I can see the logic. Taking the short-cut is so very tempting I have to admit, but where’s the fun in that? I mean, who doesn’t like to be left out of breath with their knees feeling weak…

It’s obvious to say then that I would without a shadow of a doubt head straight for those stairs. The slower the build up, the better the finish, oh yes, we love that (metaphorically speaking of course, tut tut.) Oh, last week I was out with my strikingly tall and ever so blonde friend in a coffee shop above a bookstore. I like this hideaway for the fact no one would ever think of finding you there. Unless they loved books, then there’s a possibility. Anyway getting back onto the subject of jelly knees and pressing buttons – my friend came out with this very to the point comment which made me think ‘OMG’ that is so true. Well it was less of a comment and more of a fact to ponder over (whilst drinking coffee, a latte, yum.) So there we are two ladies having a leisurely chat about men just for a change, and she all of a sudden perks up and says “ It’s very rare for two people to really like each other. It really is just one way or the other and more so one persons feelings aren’t reciprocated.”

There it was right there. We all know pretty much it’s a given that when we like someone they most probably don’t like us back quite so much – if at all. The likelihood of someone you really, really like being married or (I love this expression) ‘taken’ is worth putting a good bet on because odds are in your favor that you will unfortunately be correct. Point is I guess that if you do like someone, why rush? Why not become a mini Sherlock and work out if this is this guy really is into you. You don’t have to do that actually, not even I do that. In general I think the principle is it’s surely best to role with it and let the magic happen.

Last but not least, as much as I love the “Independent woman” thing going on, you know, a woman can ask a man out (so on, so on) I really am not in agreement. Yet again my personal views right here but I think if you ask a guy, is he actually going to turn you down for the fact he could be ‘well in with this one?’ On the other hand if a man asks you out, he likes you. He picked you and battled with his fears of rejection and pride to pluck up the courage to actually let you know that he does in fact, want to date you. You lucky thing.

You might have had to climb those stairs and my goodness the time it takes to get there may seem like an eternity, but I can assure you the wait will be worth it and as I said before – why press that button and get there super fast when you can enjoy the feeling of euphoria when you finally arrive.


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