Mr Casual

bella effect casualWhen I woke up this morning I made a decision to just throw on a pair of  jeans, a vest top and my new Converses. Oh-so-Casual and looking like I have not spent 40 minutes picking an outfit. Just rocking the look. My attitude runs in a similar fashion when it comes to my job and lifestyle, just doing what I want, when I want to do it. Not knowing what’s around the corner is the element of fun I love the most – keeps life spiced with an unexpected kick of surprises. 

How exciting did I make that sound, I run my life the way I want to. 90% of the time. The remaining 10% is orchestrated by the men I very rarely decide I quite like. They always seem to want casual? I tend to agree the best way to start any flirtatious, sexually motivated attraction is to just treat it like you are completely not bothered about the status and of course you didn’t put a pretty little bow in your hair to come across like butter wouldn’t melt (it doesn’t to point out that fact, rarely anyhow) and look innocently do-able.

So let me introduce “Mr Casual.” He’s just some guy who I knew a few years back when I was engaged at the tender age of 17…(I wanted that ring ok, withhold judgement.) A crush I had when my hormones were flying around madly screaming at boys to look at me. My ex-fiancés friend to bring to light how I liked to play with fire. You get the idea. Give it 5 years or so and I have a ‘friend request’ on the joy that is Facebook. Give it 4 weeks and I’m in his bed.

It seems a bit basic what I have detailed him as, I guess because I don’t really know or understand that much about him. We went for a drink, got on just fine, laughed, talked, your typical good date I guess. Except he clearly stated (more than once may I add) he was only looking for “Casual.” Just to put it out there, I wanted “Casual” myself. The last thing I wanted was a cling-on who sent me mush over text message every half hour and who couldn’t wait to see me the moment I had left his personal breathing space. The thing is, as we all know the definition of the word “Casual” differs greatly between the more mature, realistic brain of the Female, to the dead pea brain of a Male. I don’t really think this needs much explaining.

We meet up once a week, Friday nights seem to be the trend right now. I leave Saturday morning about 10am. I don’t hear from him over text until the Wednesday. Usually a “Hey, how are you?” That is his casual.

The simplicity of men. The definition of casual: Sex.


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