Almost a Dilemma

bella effect dilemmaThere will be a moment in time in everyone’s lives in which you end up somewhere you were never meant to be. Reasons could be endless, questions continuous but for some reason this is just where you are. Right here. It’s funny really how a series of events planned out with so much thought, timing and precision can change so much. Almost like it was written to go wrong, in the right way… almost like Alice and the way she stumbled upon Wonderland…

So being on the “Almost” theory is this the way you inevitably end up meeting the breathtakingly good looking and perfect specimen also known as “The one?” To explain a little further of what I mean exactly; Have you ever made a plan and hey presto look what was delivered just as ordered? A few yes’s I sense but mostly shaking heads in agreement. No. I wish it was as easy as waking up and saying ‘today I would like to meet a 6’0, well built man with dark hair and a wild and wicked personality’ It’s just not going to happen is it. I personally don’t think I will ever stumble upon my one and only but when I put this across to friends/colleagues, the answer? “I always used to think that way until I found my (Insert name)”. Smooth answer.

I’m my own worst enemy. Today is the modern day world. We’re openly vocal about visiting strip clubs, watching porn, paying for sex and having threesomes after a heavy night out and excusing ourselves because ‘we were drunk’. So in this modern day world is it possible to have a relationship and be loyal? I personally struggle to find how commitment can last when we are so exposed to what we want when we want it. I will hold my hands up and say this is just my opinion and personal views but that is why I am still single and to be quite frank getting very bored of it. Diving into a relationship is not what I am looking for right now but to date a man would be nice.

Not that I make it easy for myself, I tend to hold up this front in which I make it clear I am not interested in your flirting and you will never get a date with me because, well you just won’t. Stop asking questions. My past dating experiences have been a learning curve. So I will never date a man who takes me to the cinema to watch a cartoon and laughs hysterically the whole way through. Neither will I be taken on a triple date and expected to tuck in at an all you can eat buffet. Classy right? No it most definitely is not.

I have come to the conclusion I need to let my barriers down just enough to maybe get asked out. When this does happen (It will happen surely?) one has a feeling she will be rather ruthless to say the least. Not intentionally, just basically if a guy doesn’t cut it then I cut it off. You have got to be cruel to be kind and something tells me my next few months are going to be a lot of fun…


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