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I’m just another girl I guess. It just so happens I am one who very firmly believes that love is fictional and written about in such a beautiful way it cannot possibly exist in reality . So read me, I mean, a blog is a great way to pass time that you planned on doing something a little less interesting after all… 

The girl your looking at behind the story can be who ever you want her to be. She can look how you want her to look and sound like you want her to sound. That girl is me, Bella.

Currently facing a mid-20s crisis I’m not quite sure where exactly in life I am. Sounds bizarre right, I know. Feels odd. Like I am here but just to float around in my little bubble of singleness and cast my never-ending opinions about single vs couple life. I don’t believe in ‘happy ever after’ but I believe in ‘happy right now.’ It’s just how I see life and that’s what I write about. Situations I fall into (sometimes accidentally on-purpose,) dating (scary stuff) and debates, countless debates with my friends about the men in our lives (or lack of in my case, most of the time) that just confuse us and cause us to analyze our over- analysing.

So there you have it, a tiny snapshot of the little world I live in.The world where fairytales and Wonderland don’t exist…and I never have to say “The End.”


Copyright © 2012 The Bella Effect


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